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review: Jeff Shelden

Guns n' Roses with Blind Melon opening. This was my first rock concert ever. I was just a freshmen in high school. A lot of time has passed, but I still remember this concert well considering how long it has been.

The band came out right on time, which meant that there were a few thousand people there, but not too many as we all knew that Axl and co. wouldn't go on for hours. I knew who Shannon was from the GN'R connection, but hadn't heard any of the material. Shannon was barefoot and running around the stage to whatever lengths his microphone would let him. He even ventured into the crowd at one point, which amazed me because of the 5 foot barricade. I had no idea how he would get back up to the stage and I was worried he would cut up his feet on something, but he did make it back. At one point he climbed onto a bunch of amplifiers and actually fell down hurting himself pretty badly. He made a comment after the song, saying in case we were wondering, yes that did hurt like hell. Being the trooper that he was they played on. I seem to remember thinking they played about an hour, which is a pretty long time for an arena show opening act. The went through a lot of material, and it being all new to me, a lot of it sounded the same. I do remember "Holyman" and "No Rain," as well as "Tones of Home."

I was hoping Shannon would come out during Guns' set to play "Don't Cry," but he didn’t and even though GN'R played "You Ain't the First," he wasn't out there for that one either. In the next week or two I saw the famous video on MTV and went out and bought the cd knowing that the band was good. I have loved them ever since.