Corey Levitan is a journalist who writes for Men's Health, and in the past, he has written for various publications: Playboy, New York Post, Las Vegas Review Journal, Circus, and others. Be sure to check out his website.

Corey Levitan wrote these two articles about Blind Melon for Circus magazine.

January 31st, 1994
A Warm Slice of Blind Melon

author: Corey Levitan
photographers: Jeff Tisman
photographers: George DeSota
photographers: John Richard
publication: Circus

type of article: band intro, recording, touring

June 30th, 1994
Blind Melon Sours of the Road Yet Stays the Course

author: Corey Levitan
photographers: John Eder
photographers: Steve Eichner
publication: Circus
contributed by: Leigh Capel

type of article: show review (March 18th, 1994 - Kansas City, MO - Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall)
notes: Mentions Shannon singing the chorus of Beck's Loser during Time.