Karen Sidlow is a music journalist in the Los Angeles area. She wrote articles about Blind Melon for RIP and Cashbox magazines. Karen saw Blind Melon perform live a few times, and was also able to interview Shannon.

Thank you for sharing these memories with the melon community!

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12-14-1992 Los Angeles, CA ~ Troubadour
credit: Karen Sidlow

ticket-stub 02-01-1993 Los Angeles, CA ~ The Palace
credit: Karen Sidlow

After-Party Invitation 02-01-1993 Los Angeles, CA ~ The Palace
credit: Karen Sidlow

January 1993
Fresh Blood

author: Karen Sidlow
photographer: Jeff Tisman
publication: RIP
contributed by: Leigh Capel

type of article: band intro
notes: roots / MTV 120 Minutes / recording / touring

September 2, 1995
Blind Melon's Soup:
A Sip of Sophomore Success

author: Karen Sidlow
photographer: Danny Clinch
publication: Cashbox

January 1996
Meditative Musings

author: Karen Sidlow
photographer: Chris Gill
photographer: Lisa Johnson
photographer: Joe Giron
photographer: John Atashian
publication: RIP
contributed by: Matt Theberge