Journal & Courier
April 7th, 1992
Lafayette's Shannon Hoon catches a new buzz

author: Dave Bangert
photo illustration: John Metzinger
publication: Journal & Courier

The Tech
120 Minutes Tour produces only muddled results

author: Bill Jackson
publication: The Tech

Rolling Stone
May 14th, 1992
Performance Review

author: Don McLeese
photographer: Chris Kraf
publication: Rolling Stone

type of article: show review (March 21st, 1992 - Houston, Texas - Astroarena)
notes: 120 Minutes Tour / Axl Rose connection / before album release

August 1992
Alternative Approach

author: Taylor Alderdice
photographers: Jeff Tisman
publication: Screamer

type of article: band intro, pre-album release

September 1992
Rock n Roll News

author: Chris Nadler
photos: Jeff Tisman
publication: Creem
contributed by: Nel Hoon

Journal & Courier
September 22nd, 1992
Debut Record Worth Its Weight in Gold

author: Dave Bangert
photographer: Jeff Tisman
publication: Journal & Courier

Rockin' Out
Interview with Shannon Hoon

author: unknown
photographer: William Hames
publication: Rockin' Out

Oct/Nov 1992
Hot New Band

publication: Banger

The Angle
Oct 1992
Blind Melon

author: Richard Jannaccio
photographers: Steve Azzara,   Heather Devlin Thorn
publication: The Angle

Rolling Stone
October 1st, 1992
Organically Grown

author: Kim Neely
photographer: Danny Clinch
publication: Rolling Stone

type of article: interview with Shannon & Rogers / band introduction / album review
notes: formation of band / signing / Durham - Sleepyhouse / recording - Rick Parashar

(Oct/Nov/Dec) Late 1992
Grooving While Blind!

author: Paul Rees
photographer: John Richard
publication: RAW

unknown publication
Now Hear This

author: Ric Damm
publication: unknown

Los Angeles Times
Keeping an Eye on the Serious

author: Katherine Turman
publication: Los Angeles Times

The Georgia Straight
Oct. 23, 1992
Blind Melon's Shannon Hoon Defines Success as Making It Last

author: Steve Newton
publication: The Georgia Straight
website: Ear of Newt